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  • Jehoiakim's Hearh Still Burns

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-11-04 Video Pastor Kevin Paulson Play
    2017-11-03 Audio Pastor Kevin Paulson Play
  • The Reformation Continues

    As Protestants sign agreements with the Catholic Church, we stand behind the Reformation.

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-11-06 Video evening part 4 Gerzon Gomez Play
    2017-11-06 Video evening part 3 Gerzon Gomez Play
    2017-10-28 Video morning part 2 Gerzon Gomez Play
  • Limiting God

    Sometimes we tend to limit God to our own expectations

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-10-21 SAS Justin Mello Play
    2017-10-21 Video Pastor Steven Hicks Play
    2017-10-21 Audio Pastor Steven Hicks Play

Sabbath Time


Place: Bakersfield, CA

Start: 04:42 PM, 11/24/2017

End: 04:42 PM, 11/25/2017